Oxford University, March 1987

Me and Nicolette were walking over to our lecture, on economics and the role of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, a role I didn't know Nicolette [FitzRoy] would hold in the future. We were quite good friends at university, had nicknames for each other like: NikNak and Welly. We stopped for a moment, and talked about our future, we both had the same dream. Politics. We wanted to go into politics, and from then, we did our best, tried our hardest, and worked to fight for the British People. Look at us now, I'm the Prime Minister, she's the Business Secretary and Former Prime Minister.

Cities of London and Westminster Polling Station, 1990

There I was, my 20 year old self, just watching the results come through as the Conservatives had yet another great win, and the smile that beamed on face had not gone away for the rest of the day as I was watching as the Prime Minister, once again a Conservative, was making an iconic speech on the steps of 10 Downing Street. Another win, and one to be extremely proud of. I was talking to Nicolette on the phone, and we were talking for hours on end about the election and how the tories won. Lets just say, the results came as quite a shock, to both of us.

Cities of London and Westminster Polling Station, 2010

I was standing on the stage, for the first time ever, my heart was pounding fast and I watched closely as the woman read out the results of the by-election. Conservatives, first place. Labour, second place. I was in - I was finally an MP. I was honoured to be chosen as the candidate by the Leader of the Conservative Party, and little did I know I would be where I am right now at that time. The feeling you get of winning such a historical constituency, and being able to represent some great constituents, it is amazing. I phoned Nicolette last night, and she congratulated me on my win. The bond we had since university had never broken, and we have been great friends since. That day was when I was introduced to Theresa Covington, a lovely woman, and a decent politician, and I have said ever since she joined the Conservative Party she has my fullest support and I stand by that today.

General Election, 2016

One of my closest friends was a candidate in this General Election, and I was so happy for her. When the results came in, a smile was bright on my face and I knew this country would see a bright future once more with Nicolette FitzRoy as the Prime Minister. I visited her immediately at Downing Street, and we had a lengthy conversation about the election process and her plans as the Prime Minister. Her cabinet choices were perfect, and there was no more of that failed four party coalition led by Julia Dzien, and this country had elected a strong, great leader, who I have extreme respect for, and that I stand by all the way.

General Election, December 2016

Conservative win! Yet again! Samuel Faith was elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I was so happy for him, and the Conservative Party. I was concerned about some things that needed to be addressed, but he sorted them things out before I could even ask him about it. That shows how effective he was as Prime Minister, and I follow in the steps of him and Nicolette FitzRoy as a modern leader, with a passion for politics.

22nd/23rd December 2016

Samuel Faith had resigned. Charles Stewart became the new Prime Minister. 25 hours in office. The chaos presented was unreal, and I believed that there was change needed, and it's a shame I hadn't run for the tory leadership, Faith was forced out of the job, and I still stand by Faith today, and as I have stated in press talks, I stand by every tory government, whether I like the leader or not, it is still a win for us, and for the country.

February 2017, Westminster Hall

I was sitting down, listening to the debate, until my phone rang. Conservative Party Chairman. I picked up the phone, to hear the familiar voice. I was a candidate in the leadership election, after Benjamin Rhys Davies had departed as Prime Minister, and what a flop his government was! I had won. I walked back into Westminster Hall, stood up and said to the people around me: "I am honoured that I have been elected as the new Leader of the Conservative Party. I will go to Her Majesty The Queen tomorrow to be asked to form a government, thank you for all of your support." A round of applause followed, and the smile on my face was the biggest it had ever been. I would finally get to fulfil my dreams of being the Prime Minister. I went to the Queen, and I accepted her offer. This was a day Britain saw change, for the better. A new Duke running the country, a modern Leader. Conservatives are back again.

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